Do you think Ayodhya Ram Lalla’s face change after the Pran Pratishtha consecration ceremony performed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

Here’s the picture of Raml Lalla before versus after the Pran Pratishtha.

ayoddha ram statue befor after effect

Objectively speaking, I notice two changes in the Ram Lalla idol:

  1. The expression and angle of the eyes has changed. In the Before image, the eyes look upwards, while in the After image, the eyes look directly at the viewer.
  2. The face in the After image looks smaller than the Before image.

While there can be divine reasons that explain this, here’s my $0.02:

  1. There is some sort of a focusing effect at play when you see Ram Lalla decked up in the After Image. At least for me, my brain instantly blacks out the decorations which might cause the face to be perceived slightly differently. When I look at the Before image, I get a sense that there is a crown above Ram Lalla’s head which causes me to look upwards.
  2. The Before image could have been shot at a much closer distance than the After image. Once the idol has been consecrated, there could be limits on how close a photographer could go to get the shot (a limitation that didn’t exist before).
  3. There appears to be a slight change in the stone color between the Before and the After image. On the right side, Ram Lalla is of a much darker shade of grey/black. This might reduce some of the “looking up towards the sky” effect seen on the left.
  4. [Less likely] The idol may have been placed at a certain height at the Ram Mandir. Maybe, this affects the angle perceived by the viewer?
  5. [Least likely] Were there small changes made to the Ram Lalla idol before being consecrated?


Rahul Gandhi

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