Rahul Gandhi Poem for Congress Leaders of India

Rahul Gandhi Poem for Congress Leaders of India

In the land of India fair, There’s a politician with curly hair, Rahul Gandhi is his name, A member of Congress with much fame.

Born in a place called Wayanad, On the nineteenth of June he had, In the year nineteen seventy, To a family of politicians plenty.

His father Rajiv was a Prime Minister true, His grandmother Indira was one too, Politics was in his blood, From the very beginning it stood.

With the Indian Youth Congress he began, His political career, a noble plan, In two thousand and four he won, The Lok Sabha seat, his journey begun.

With speeches passionate and strong, He rallies the people all day long, Fighting for justice, freedom and peace, His ideals will never cease.

Rahul Gandhi, a leader of the nation, A symbol of hope and inspiration, May his vision for India come to light, And bring the nation to great heights.

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