Rahul Gandhi New Poem for Indian Congress

Rahul Gandhi New Poem for Indian Congress

From rural villages to city streets, Rahul Gandhi’s voice never retreats, He speaks for the poor and the oppressed, And fights against corruption with his best.

With a heart full of empathy and care, He listens to people everywhere, Their struggles and pains he deeply feels, And for their rights, he strongly appeals.

In the Indian political sphere, Rahul Gandhi stands out without fear, For the values that he deeply believes, And for the justice that he fiercely achieves.

As he walks the path of politics with grace, He brings a smile to every Indian’s face, For they know that he truly cares, And their dreams and aspirations he shares.

Rahul Gandhi, a man of the masses, Whose heart beats for the working classes, May his vision for India become true, And the nation prosper in all that it pursues.

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  1. My name is Saurav Chaudhury.
    My mother’s dad is Nripendranath Guha.
    He was one of the founder members of Tura law college in Tura, Meghalaya.
    I have met respected PA Sangma
    Few times before coming to Australia.
    I got that opportunity because
    Respected PA Sangma my grandfather Nripendranath Guha’s student.
    More importantly I would like to get in touch with you that is the main reason.
    My grand was fan of Mahatma Gandhi.
    You resemble him in my view. That is the main reason. My mobile is 0403204855

  2. मैं shambhu nath Suropam 2004 में पटना बिहार से नई दिल्ली 10 जनपथ तक की साइकिल यात्रा किया अपने 2 मित्रों के साथ। यात्रा का नाम था राहुल गांधी राष्ट्र गौरव मार्च पटना से नई दिल्ली उस समय मेरी उम्र 19 वर्ष थी आज 38 वर्ष का हो गया हूं।

  3. Thank you Mr. Rahul Gandhi for all the work that you have done for us. Wishing you and Sonia Gandhi all the best for the upcoming Elections


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