What are some reasons that make people proud of the current Indian government?

22 Jan is coming.

Narendra Modi is doing Eleven days fast before the Parana Prayishtha.

This is the routine of Narendra Modi during fast.

  • Narendra Modi sleeps on the floor, not on the bed.
  • Narendra Modi Wake up in Brahma mahutram.
  • Narendra Modi Wear only Cotton clothes.
  • Narendra Modi doesn’t eat any outside food.
  • Narendra Modi has only satvik food, that is fruits.
  • Narendra Modi cleans the temple.
22 Jan PM Narendra Modi Attire with his two bodyguards

Even bodyguards follow the same attire during this fast.

We never seen this type of PM.

That is the reason we love the Narendra Modi government which is developing India at a new height.

Image: Instagram India compass

Source: https://qr.ae/pKqjOf

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