What is the problem with India and it’s society?

Rubika Liyaquat, a Muslim woman and a Journalist.

rubika liyaquat a journalist

Can go to a Hindu temple.

Rubika Liyaquat a muslim journalist at Hindu temple ram mandir

But not a mosque in India.

Yet all our women rights activists can see is a handful number of temples that don’t allow women for certain reasons just like men are not allowed at a few temples for certain reasons.

I very well know that there is no gender discrimination in Mecca and mosques of Saudi and I am happy for that and wish to have the same in India. I am not even criticising Muslims in this post.

Religious people be it Hindus or Muslims have always had problems in their community. However what concerns is that our self declared reformers or social media activists spitting venom because of their political bias.

Let me answer a question which will be asked with hate.

Comment 1: A Muslim woman can enter temple but a Dalit cannot.

Answer: Yup this is an issue which I acknowledge and accept. Hinduism can be reformed. And lately things are changing. For instance, Sabri Temple is being built in Ayodhya.

Comment 2: There is no caste discrimination in America.

Answer: There is a neck disorder where it always turns west. Yes, they do not have caste discrimination but they have discrimination based on skin colour. Did you see? A developed nation needed Black Lives Matter campaign.

And people asked about What is the problem with India and it’s society?

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Rahul Gandhi

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