What strategy should Congress use to win the 2024 elections?

No strategy will work.

Congress is not going to wing the 2024 election.

Because Congress is uniting Muslims and dividing Hindus into castes.

What Narendra Modi is doing now.

PM Modi is experiencing Tholu Bommalata.

It is an ancient theatre tradition from Andhra Pradesh.

PM Narendra Modi prayer in Andhra pradesh veerbhadra temple

PM Narendra Modi is listening to Ram Bhajan at the Veerbhadra Temple in Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh.

Lepakshi is the place where Jatayu fell after Ravan injured him while saving Maa Sita.

Now Congress (not Sonia and Rahul Gandhi) is also visiting the Ram Temple.

Arvind Kejriwal is doing Sundar Kand.

Only Modi will come in 2024 general election.

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